Founded in 1991 by the then husband and wife team of Tiziano and Louise Mazzilli, the Voyage label kick-started the craze for boho chic with their astronomically priced ribbon-trimmed cardigans.

Celebrities and fashionistas flocked to their Fulham Road store to get their hands on the one-off pieces – often flamboyant creations that could easily be part of a costume drama or stage show. The brand gained notoriety for their Members Only policy, famously turning away the likes of Madonna, Naomi Campbell and Julia Roberts. Instead of having an adverse effect, it only added appeal, so the stars who managed to enter the hallowed ground were much photographed wearing the prized items.

Along with their son and daughter, Rocky and Tatum, the Mazzillis – dubbed The Addams Family Of Fashion because of their Gothic style home – became famous for their vintage-look clothing and accessories, mixing – often clashing – fabrics, textures and embellishments to create individual clothing. A masculine shape or style would be softened by, perhaps, a beaded collar or quirky trim. Even simple items, like a vest top, would be transformed by adding textured ribbon straps, an unexpected tiny pocket on the sleeve of a jacket, fleecy lining instead of silk in an evening coat… Everything had a twist. The inside of the garment could be just as exciting as the outside – a brown and burgundy striped velvet blazer with psychedelic 60s patterned lining which Austin Powers would be proud of, a brown tweed-effect bag with bright pink silk interior with brocade slip pocket.

Voyage also collaborated with two famous US department stores – Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman – to produce clothing that carried their label along with the “Voyage. Invest in the original” one. Original indeed – each unique piece was hand made in England, so no two items were the same, be it clothing, bag or accessory. Of course, these individual pieces came at a price, a pair of men’s jeans retailed at £1,650, an embroidered coat, £3,000.

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